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Week 4 Dropout
Ok so I was doing great and then last week I did day one of week 4 and after that... NOTHING - I'm so disappointed in myself - after doing so well for the first 3 weeks I just stopped - not sure what ...
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P90x calories burned
Someone know how many calories have been burned in every workout?
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Goo week!!!
This was a very good week, the only excersise that I don't do was YOGA X. That one is the most dificult for me.
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started by Jab09, 9 years ago.   
Just finish my workout of mondays, it was better than the last week. Lest go guys we can do it!!!
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I just finished the first workout, I am saving the ab ripper x for a little later. I am really out of shape, I ended up on the floor in the fetal position a few times lol. I'll get there...just gotta ...
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P90X Plyometrics!!!
Ufffff!!! It's was very very hard. I only make the dvd for 43 minutes. Next week I will do the 58 minutes.
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Photos of Day 1
Who's taken their day 1 photos? Not that I'm up to share.... but maybe we'll all want to share our day 1 vs. day 30 photos.... what do ya think?
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Let's "GO" P90X
Last night I start whith the classic version, Chest and Back. It was hard but we can do better than that. "Let's go people and do it".
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started by Jab09, 9 years ago.   
P90X Lean
I started this back in Jan/Feb but got off track. Day 1, Core Synergistics and I am toast.
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Ready for the challenge?
My fiance purchased p90x about a month ago and we did the measurements, photos, etc... then I started traveling for work and have intermittently been doing it - definitely not to program. I'm looking ...
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Today is the Day!! Can't Wait!!
So happy to have found this starting today. I workout in the mornings (5a.m.) b/c I find that after a full day at work, I end up dreading it all day and then not doing it. Once I am finished I can start ...
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started by sunshi9, 9 years ago.   
I just finished Insanity, and this will be my second time doing the Classic P90X. I'm also scattering in some running 3-4 days a week, which is like the doubles from the later months. I started on ...
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started by sparkle770, 9 years ago.