Mini-Challenge - remembering to take the vitamin daily



Take what ever vitamin works best for you, fits in your body type and diet style

Overall result for everyone:

Week by Week Results

Week 6 60% Successful
Week 5 82% Successful
Week 4 72% Successful
Week 3 69% Successful
Week 2 82% Successful
Week 1 73% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Failed: 11 Apr 11 by tessydk
"Almost passed, but forgot a day or two. Will do better this week!"
Failed: 03 Apr 11 by iamasuiteladie
"will try better this week"
Failed: 31 Mar 11 by jexickah
"Not supposed to take a vitamin on hcg"
Successful: 29 Mar 11 by telenurse7
Successful: 24 Mar 11 by ErinGanz
"Gummy vitamins and Emergen-C"
Failed: 21 Mar 11 by ceramarie
"Have a "scheduled" reminder this up coming week to take each day. "
Successful: 19 Mar 11 by audfz
"Berocca each morning when I get to work. Need to get some tablets for at ..."