Mini-Challenge - Eat 3 Meals a day



Many of us are guilty of eating one or two meals a day with lots of bad snacking to keep up going. Make the effort and feel the difference!!

Overall result for everyone:

Week by Week Results

Week 4 85% Successful
Week 3 94% Successful
Week 2 89% Successful
Week 1 89% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Failed: 07 Mar 13 by omarsirwan
Successful: 27 Feb 13 by AngieB222
"Yes I have eaten three meals a day. I am getting better about skipping ..."
Failed: 25 Feb 13 by sh2013
"Much better than usual but started under eating a lot this week."
Failed: 18 Feb 13 by pam-u-la
"Hashtag failed "
Successful: 13 Feb 13 by contemptuous
"So far so good, I love three meals a day PLUS snacking. Feeling skinnier ..."
Failed: 13 Feb 13 by Fatandforty
"Ate more than 3 meals.... total lack of selfcontrol"

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