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Sticky: WELCOME!!
I've been doing this self challenge for nearly 2 weeks, (will be 3weeks when the challenge starts) and thought that others might like to join me in my quest to be a 'skinny Minnie'!! Would ...
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I cant believe we're on the last week of the challenge already!! I hope you've all had some good results, and gotten into some good habits to take out of this!! I'd love for you to comment ...
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started by MrJsHarley, 5 years ago.   
One more week down, half way there now with 2weeks left!! how did everyone find last week?? from the results so far, the overall loss for the group is more than the first week, good job everyone!! I hope ...
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started by MrJsHarley, 5 years ago.   
I started this being really confident, I cut out honey in my tea / coffee (that's a big part of my days) and was actually eating 3 meals a day, which never happens. However, I've had a stressful ...
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Firstly, great job everyone!! I hope you've all enjoyed the first week with some good results :-D I've noticed in the comments that some of you have put 'failed' in the cutting down/out ...
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3 Squares a day
This is probably going to be the most difficult part of the challenge for me. I am a chronic muncher. However with the challenge I hope to curb that. Good luck and best wishes to everyone...
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8 am excited about this challenge.
I am still new here. I am excited to start this challenge with everyone. I'm hoping to get the support I lack from the people around me, and make a few new friends while I'm at it. 8)
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started by sgwilson, 5 years ago.   
Looking forward to this challenge, but NOT giving up chocolate!
Hello all. I am joining this challenge to give me an extra push in regard to incorporating exercise into my day. I don't intend on giving up chocolate, though. :p I keep some Hershey's Dark Ch ...
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Question about vitamines
Hi, I think I have this challenge down, but I need help with vitamines! I am not sure what I should be taking everyday, or if there are specific ones for the skinny challenge. Don't know if I am g ...
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My challenge update
I'm pleased to announce that I've lost 5lbs this past week!! I will admit, my weigh in last Monday was disapointing, as I hadn't lost or gained anything. (I have digital scales so I knew they ...
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started by MrJsHarley, 5 years ago.   
I suffer from being really unstructured when it comes to these things so I'm happy to be a part of a challenge like this. Hopefully I can stick to it. Sometimes I totally cave under the pressure of ...
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started by sh2013, 5 years ago.   
I am so excited to start this challenge, it looks like it may be hard but I am up to it! I need to lose 10 lbs, Bring it!!
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Hi all, I joined the challenge. I'm going to Thailand mid March for a wedding and would love to be 10 pounds lighter. I've never joined a challenge and hopefull this will motivate me.
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