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Lose 5 Pounds by 2/3/2013 for Superbowl Sunday.

Final Challenge Progress Results

katieg528 Total Progress: 4.74%  (Down 9.8 lb)
Luvies Secret Total Progress: 4.15%  (Down 9.5 lb)
Alstealheart Total Progress: 3.76%  (Down 7.0 lb)
jtuckerman Total Progress: 3.72%  (Down 7.0 lb)
Sharidw Total Progress: 3.24%  (Down 4.8 lb)
Bylure Total Progress: 2.90%  (Down 5.5 lb)
fredmugs Total Progress: 2.83%  (Down 6.4 lb)
marant2 Total Progress: 2.75%  (Down 5.0 lb)
johnderickson Total Progress: 2.66%  (Down 5.8 lb)
Shelleyjmd Total Progress: 2.56%  (Down 5.0 lb)
pinkjewel36963 Total Progress: 1.79%  (Down 4.0 lb)
L8angel Total Progress: 1.71%  (Down 2.5 lb)
wintergut Total Progress: 1.67%  (Down 3.6 lb)
JJtheJet Total Progress: 1.54%  (Down 2.0 lb)
Charliehorse2007 Total Progress: 1.48%  (Down 3.0 lb)
sunnydaze5 Total Progress: 1.25%  (Down 1.5 lb)
Char60 Total Progress: 1.22%  (Down 2.0 lb)
hopeseyi Total Progress: 1.14%  (Down 2.0 lb)
baker7625 Total Progress: 0.81%  (Down 1.6 lb)
Noraneko Total Progress: 0.78%  (Down 2.0 lb)
Lizzygracemusic Total Progress: 0.58%  (Down 1.0 lb)
petral Total Progress: 0.54%  (Down 1.0 lb)
moonwolfsingingnz Total Progress: 0.51%  (Down 1.5 lb)
agman90 Total Progress: 0.42%  (Down 0.8 lb)
iluvseabass Total Progress: 0.33%  (Down 0.5 lb)
houze4u Total Progress: 0.00%  (Steady 0 lb)
Fairietm Total Progress: 1.06%  (Up 2.4 lb)
katelate Total Progress: 1.18%  (Up 2.0 lb)
cpearson1982 Total Progress: 1.55%  (Up 2.2 lb)
goode3 Total Progress: 1.66%  (Up 2.5 lb)

Completed Mini-Challenges

Days 1 to 10

Weigh in everyday. Have a calorie deficit everyday.

Weigh in everyday, have a calorie deficit everyday.
85% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Failed: 28 Jan 13 by sunnydaze5
"No lb loss this morning. Who know what tomorrow morning will bring. Cl ..."

Latest Challenge Posts

Why isn't my daily weight being recorded as I make progress towards this goal?
I'm entering my weight everyday but even though I am none of the challenges I am in are showing any progress towards my goals even though I am making progress and have lost 1.6kg towards the goal of ...
by moonwolfsingingnz on 03 Feb 13 12:07 AM
Try this to help boost weight loss for this challenge...
Eat 5 small meals a day, 4 oz. LEAN protein each meal, whole grains/wheat only, no fried food...lots of water! Cutting out refined sugars all together will make a huge difference. Why not try this out ...
by cpearson1982 on 28 Jan 13 10:06 AM
5 Pounds By Superbowl Challenge
I just started and I think this is a good first Goal.
by Luvies Secret on 25 Jan 13 11:02 PM
Super Bowl Challenge -
I seem to be stuck at 2-3 pounds a week (on a good week) - BUT this year so far Im almost at 7 pounds - so I am looking forward to this :D :!:
by Genine0312 on 25 Jan 13 09:17 PM
Stoked about the Challenge
I just started on this website a few days ago. Love the tips and have tried a couple of the yummy recipes. This challenge is a boost in the right direction for me. Lets kick it everyone!!!
by sunnydaze5 on 25 Jan 13 04:36 PM

 Challenge Ended

This challenge ended on Tuesday 05 February 2013.

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Challenge Info

status: Completed
ended: 04 Feb 13
duration: 10 Days
reporting: Daily
participants: 97
privacy: Public
administrators: cpearson1982
created: 21 January 2013

All Mini-challenges:

Weigh in everyday. Have a calorie deficit everyday. ( days 1 to 10 )

Rolling Challenge Performance:

The day to day running total weight lost

Day 10:

All Participants 0.47%  (Down 85.7 lb)

Day 9:

All Participants 0.37%  (Down 66.7 lb)

Day 8:

All Participants 0.35%  (Down 64.3 lb)

Day 7:

All Participants 0.32%  (Down 57.5 lb)

Day 6:

All Participants 0.28%  (Down 51.1 lb)

Day 5:

All Participants 0.23%  (Down 42.2 lb)

Day 4:

All Participants 0.20%  (Down 35.7 lb)

Day 3:

All Participants 0.16%  (Down 28.3 lb)

Day 2:

All Participants 0.09%  (Down 16.0 lb)

Day 1:

All Participants 0.05%  (Down 9.9 lb)

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