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what kind of workouts are you doing?
my biggest problem is sticking with an exercise programme. i love walking and when i go to the gym (which needs to be more frequently than now) i run about 5 miles. but getting myself out of the door is ...
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Anyone else doing low carb?
I'm doing low carb and it's very successful. Anyone else out there doing the same? :)
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what are your goals?
i want to lose 9kg, have a flat belly, want to build my self confidence and feel good about myself.
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Just starting out.
I have a lot of weight to lose but I'm using this as a starting out point. I don't want to give myself this huge goal, possibly fail and go into a downward spiral. I want to give myself a goal ...
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Achieveable goal....right?..I mean ..right!!!
If there is one thing I have learned, one must be realisitic..slow but sure..really does win the race.... Let the games begin..... (puts AWAY the muffin..)
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