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Announcement: TEAM MEMBERS!
BEFORE BEGINNING... 1) what team YOU are on [ either blue, red, or yellow ] 2) view your team mates 3) communicate / MOTIVATE your team members to stay positive to reach their goal CHALLENGE GOALS: ...
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started by blakers025.   
Go Bananas!
Way to GO Team BANANA! Let's make it another great day! St. Patty's Day challenge is do-able, don't you think?
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started by kayk, 9 years ago.   
challenge progress
never mind all...i didn't see where it said weekly mistake!!!! sorry and thanks anyway..:roll:
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started by gourd, 9 years ago.   
challenge progress
I am currently on the lose 10 St. Patrick's pounds and wondered if we record our challenges daily or weekly? I recorded my challenges yesterday but can't find wehere to record them today...Could ...
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The normal mind would think "SALAD" is good for you... I used to try to eat a salad instead of a slice of pizza or a sub at school. After looking at the CALORIES that are in one tea spoon of ...
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Pet Peeve
Please change the forum icon. The shamrock has three leaves!! The story of St Patrick is about the trinity, not the quartet.
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started by PatGrealis, 9 years ago.