Mini-Challenge - Don't let any chocolate touch your lips



Stay off chocolate until Easter Sunday. Take it each day at a time and if you have to substitute the chocolate for something healthy. This will be tough but the feeling of achievement after completing it will make it all worthwhile

Overall result for everyone:

Week by Week Results

Week 7 25% Successful
Week 6 50% Successful
Week 5 66% Successful
Week 4 33% Successful
Week 3 75% Successful
Week 2 60% Successful
Week 1 50% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Failed: 06 Apr 12 by cupcakes4ever
"i ate chocolate 3 times :("
Successful: 03 Apr 12 by Bellamylo
"Very hard during eastern candy time."
Failed: 19 Mar 12 by jessie d
"I've messed up every week. The first couple of weeks I forgot about once ..."
Successful: 13 Mar 12 by vii_xi
"Its tough, but its working - down 7 lbs! "
Failed: 01 Mar 12 by Peanut57
"I had a piece of German Chocolate Cake, I froze the rest of it for my ..."
Failed: 28 Feb 12 by rosieanna
"I had a mars bar and some toblerone!:( but it was my birthday...starting ..."
Failed: 26 Feb 12 by exxtoexx
"I had a chocolate chip cookie"
Failed: 24 Feb 12 by rbc50

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