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No eating while on the go!
I will sit and enjoy each meal rather than eating in the car, standing up or working. I will eat from a plate rather than anything out of a bag or container.
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started by desireewebber, 7 years ago.   
I would like to get rid of my fear to accomplish my goals
They say the only reason we are not able to accomplish our goals in life is because we are afraid too. Meaning not afraid of the goal but afraid of the action we would have to take to accomplish our g ...
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started by Dcychic, 7 years ago.   
Going to bed and waking at consistent time......
I tend to go to bed just to read, play on computer, watch TV and before I know it, it is 1-2AM, and then getting up and going is all messed up. So my habit to lose is horrid sleep habits. My challenge ...
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started by rebecca371987, 7 years ago.   
Frantically Disorganized - Help!
Here it is Saturday morning and I am so disgusted with myself. I put off cleaning all week so now I've got to spend my Saturday catching up. I find myself putting off other important things too. ...
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started by BuffyBear, 7 years ago.   
Reality TV REal Housewives
I need to get up and move and not sit watching these housewives try to one up each other. NO MORE HOUSEWIVES!!!!Treadmill instead
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started by msgay, 7 years ago.   
For me it is Diet Coke
I find I can drink 3-4 20oz bottles daily with no problem. But of course it is not healthy for me, it is expensive and most of all it sets a bad example for my kids. So .... I'm going to work on ...
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started by fatbuster7947.   
stop smoking
i want to stop smoking and maintain my weight loss.
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started by Kslw, 7 years ago.   
Late night
For me it is eating between 8:00 and 10:00 pm, not dinner, snacking on anything I can.
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started by tnredhead, 7 years ago.   
Using the car too much
A car is a very good thing... but consciously choosing to walk instead of using the car, at least once a day, is even better. And that's what I want to do in this challenge: break the habit of using ...
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started by norahsinger, 7 years ago.   
napping too much
The habit I will try to quit is to go to bed earlier and NOT take naps during the day, despite all of the medications I take. I'm a sickly person and I'll need help getting through this one!: ...
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started by lakerchick, 7 years ago.   
Ex Wives!!!
Oh how much stress would be off of me if I could get rid of her!!! ha!
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started by boxerfit.   
I drink WAY too much, I don't want to depend on coffee for energy...I should try sleeping more than 4 hours a day instead.
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started by Mcastillo0718, 7 years ago.   
better dental hygeine
I challenge myself to brush my teeth at least 3 times every day.
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started by cartoon, 7 years ago.   
It's time to kick this habit 4 good. i want this to be a gift i give myself for my 31st and my mom for her 61st! i may neeed tome help!
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started by lanitasunshine, 7 years ago.   
OH, a trucker and I could be best of friends based on my ability to swear every other word. I hate that I swear. My parents swear, a lot. They punished us for swearing, yet, here we all are (all 4 us) ...
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started by Cleecummings.