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Posted: 30 May 2013, 09:18
Well folks, a lot of this has been learning to flow through movements (for me at least), but I am also learning what things I really like in terms of stretching out and really letting my body find a happy place to be.

Favorite pose?
I got to try the dolphin for the first time this week, and i highly suggest watching someone talk you through it before attempting it, but i felt like my upper back was a rock star going from that to downward dog.

Most work?
The lizard was a killer for me this week. My hips have not been very cooperative after a long stint on crutches, so they just don't want to let go. Time and work will get me there but some poses just make me feel like i'm fighting for it and i have to remember to relax and smile. I CANNOT do this one without a block (elbows rest on the block) because i just don't have the flex going on:

Any favs or challenges for everyone else?