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Time for more exercise. Good thing I can get around more. Doc says I can walk in the boot now. Here I come Gym, time for some upperbody workouts. I think I'll focus on strengthening my back. Anyways ...
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started by InclineD, 7 years ago.   
didn't get my favorite veggie juice today
Much distraction today. Didn't get the home made V8 like I'm so used to. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.
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started by InclineD, 7 years ago.   
Eat at least 55% of intake by 2-3 PM.
Today I blew it. Too low intake early in the day ended up being my first caloric excess in two months. I also blew the fat intake challenge today by 28 grams. Still bloated. Probably ought to go lift some ...
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started by InclineD, 7 years ago.   
measuring fat
how do i know how many fat grams my food has? no labels on most of what I eat.
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started by vamfiera.   
So I had miniscus surgery in both knees on 2007 and 2008. A year later still had some intermittent pain, but still very overweight. Lost 60 pounds so decided to "up" my workouts to 45 minutes ...
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started by Lillyrose125.   
12 hours til start?
in 12 hours here it will already be Sunday, not Saturday
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started by vamfiera, 7 years ago.   
Hello fellow challangees!
Hi everyone! I started my wt loss endevour on Super Bowl Sunday, 2/5/2012. I have a friend that I'm in a wager with. I have Accessory Navicular extra bone in my ankle. I found out about ...
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started by Buckeye Baby.   
I agree about injury the injury and not doing any exercise
I was injured on the job back in 2006. I was a cashier at the time and had gone to the register behind mine to call for a price check (my register did not have a phone) walking back to my register I was ...
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started by Kim P. Kennedy.   
Wish this started today :( Sprained my ankle today coming out of a bathroom that has a step. Forgot it was there and I was down. I guess the humorous part is, "if there is one" I was starting ...
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started by cinderella34.   
walking and eliptical
since my car accident 5 months ago, I am limited to what I can do, because of the damage done to my neck. It makes my neck, arms, shoulders and back hurt if I do too much. It sucks,,,
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started by catdew.   
Light Weight lifting.... :)
Added Calorie burn today. I needed that. 30 minutes of light upperbody workout. Firm and Strong, best I can do for now.
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started by InclineD, 7 years ago.   

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