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Announcement: PROTEIN PEOPLE
Ok, maintaining the 20/30/50 ratio is very challenging and takes a lot of practice so for those of you falling short just keep experimenting with those numbers and soon you'll start to get it:d . ...
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Announcement: 20/30/50 ratio challenge exceptions
Some of our participants are following specific programs that are in conflict with being able to maintain the 20/30/50 ratio. Some examples that I have already seen include being on a diet prescribed by ...
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started by beatlesfran, 11 years ago.   
Sticky: More Hungry No More to follow
I am considering posting another hungry no more challenge after this one concludes and would like some feedback on the idea. How many of us would join again if I posted it? Are there any changes you ...
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Recording your food is so IMPORTANT!
Hey Veteran's and Newbies! I just looked at the wonder results from the veterans! I realized that over this challenge only very few have gained weight! The ones that have gained have one thing in ...
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Veteran's Check in here!
I just wanted to let you all know that if you need any help, advice, motivation, tips, etc, just send me a message. I have plateaued, modified my exercise, modified my diet (to incorporate a margarita! ...
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For anyone using Apps on Cell phones
It has recently been brought to my attention that using the using the apps prevents you from getting full use of this site. One thing you can't see is the pie chart we often refer to about the 20/ ...
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started by kmaxwell08, 11 years ago.   
I am new to this and from Canada
I am so pumped about this challenge, I have lost 16 pounds as of today since January 11th and have another 24 hope this challenge brings me closer to being where I want to be by summer! Thanks for o ...
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check out
The nutrition guide on the burger king website is the most comprehensive I've ever seen. You can pick anything off the menu and use these interactive tools to add or remove any ingredient and see how ...
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Getting some great comments
:badgrin: :d :o WoW went out with some friends of mine this weekend. As I was walking through the door my one friend says "Girl, you look so good" "You have lost so much weight, you have ...
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Hi! New to Fatsecret and this challenge!
Hi everyone! I'm Erica. I just recently found and have come to love this site!!! I am excited about trying new challenges. I have recently starting counting calories again. I did ...
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Thank You Thank You Thank You!
Thanks so much for making a part II! This was the challenged that changed my life and I am looking forward to the new challenge! Go US!
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started by kmaxwell08, 11 years ago.   

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