Challenge Forum: Newly motivated!!!!

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Posted: 03 Nov 2008, 18:24
I have been having a very difficult time getting motivated. I thought FS would be enough. I joined one challenge and was a little motivated but then the weekend came. I are out 3 times and did not drink my water or journal. I just looked at the list for this challenge. My husband and I are on opposite teams. How cool is that. I am actually kinda motivated by that. Tomorrow is the day for me. Let's go Green Guts...Wink

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Posted: 03 Nov 2008, 20:57
Very cool! A little friendly competition on the home front will certainly help. Lean on each other to stick with it!
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Posted: 05 Nov 2008, 00:48
Hello, it is very difficult I recall when I had my first baby mmmm 23 yrs ago now and I carried so much weight after having him. I can recommend taking in as many walks as possible with your baby, push that pram up hill down hill and the weight will come off, try and choose healthier choices too but do the will love it...freah air does them well and they sleep well all snuggled up...enjoy your baby years...they do really pass quickly...all the best X Denise Smile