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Looking for interesting, innovative snack ideas
I'm a pretty good fruit and vegetable eater, just tired of always having it for snacks - any great low calorie, yummy ideas for under 200 calories?
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Go Green Guts Go!!!!! Week 2 Motivations
I noticed that some of us had gains this week. I know I had a lose only out of sheer luck. I could have done better all around. My personal goal this week is to get my water in daily and be sure I am ...
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Sticking to my diet and exercising 3 times/week. Eating healthier foods.:d
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Newly motivated!!!!
I have been having a very difficult time getting motivated. I thought FS would be enough. I joined one challenge and was a little motivated but then the weekend came. I are out 3 times and did not ...
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I am confused. I was going to start today and check in on Monday. Does it matter? I wass considering today the start and this week my first week. My start weight is from yesterday so I figured that ...
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Average Holiday Weight Gain
Did you know .... The average person can gain up to 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year's day! Here's to staying on track ~ good luck to all! Cheers, FeeBee
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started by FeeBeeBud, 10 years ago.   
This is my first time administrating a challenge. If there is an experience Admin, I would gladly share this duty, to ensure a successful challenge.
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started by Gangrel767, 10 years ago.