Mini-Challenge - If you don't like plain water, try these variations

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Freeze pieces of lemon or lime and add them to your water; add slices of fresh cucumber, lemon, or limes (or other low-sugar fresh fruit or veggie) to your water. Try to limit adding artificial sweetners to your water for the duration of this challenge. Consider this a success if you did not need to add anything to your water, if you used any of the variations, or if you added artificial sweetner to to less than a quater of your water consumption.

Overall result for Blue team:

Week by Week Results

Week 8 60% Successful
Week 7 90% Successful
Week 6 75% Successful
Week 5 76% Successful
Week 4 100% Successful
Week 3 60% Successful
Week 2 91% Successful
Week 1 81% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Failed: 10 Nov 11 by M.Trublu
"Still using the drink mixes. I'll have to work on this one."
Failed: 19 Oct 11 by clsmith6453
"just could not get motivated..did not start challenge"
Successful: 14 Oct 11 by fluffy mama
"I don't have a problem with drinking plain water. "
Successful: 12 Oct 11 by Rhianna
"I added my ration of cherry juice to some water."
Failed: 03 Oct 11 by Eduardo Santos
"Gosto muito de água."
Failed: 01 Oct 11 by aatheart
Successful: 29 Sep 11 by kmccradic
Successful: 23 Sep 11 by zig
"I love to add lemon zest to my water...It makes it taste so fresh!"
Failed: 22 Sep 11 by HealthyInFL
"Still including a diet soda in the mix..."
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