Mini-Challenge - Drink a glass of water before each meal

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Research has also shown that drinking a glass of water right before a meal helps you to feel more full and eat less. “Many people do find that if they have water before a meal, it’s easier to eat more carefully.” It's hard to remember to do this at each meal if you are not used to doing this. Consider this a success if you are remembering at least half of the time.

Overall result for all teams:

Week by Week Results

Week 8 73% Successful
Week 7 72% Successful
Week 6 63% Successful
Week 5 55% Successful
Week 4 76% Successful
Week 3 69% Successful
Week 2 79% Successful
Week 1 77% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Failed: 19 Oct 11 by clsmith6453
"just could not get motivated..did not start challenge"
Failed: 14 Oct 11 by fluffy mama
"I did about half the time. "
Failed: 01 Oct 11 by aatheart
Failed: 19 Sep 11 by sarkamage
"I should work on this more. This will help me obtain my goal."
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