Mini-Challenge - Reach your water goal everyday.

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After you have determined your daily water goal stick to it. Did you drink enough water every day this week?

Overall result for all teams:

Week by Week Results

Week 8 55% Successful
Week 7 55% Successful
Week 6 61% Successful
Week 5 41% Successful
Week 4 74% Successful
Week 3 56% Successful
Week 2 64% Successful
Week 1 56% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Failed: 21 Oct 11 by friendly555
"I hope everyone is enjoying this challenge. I will start trying harder."
Failed: 19 Oct 11 by clsmith6453
"just could not get motivated..did not start challenge"
Successful: 19 Oct 11 by BlancaPR
"I love water so it was an easy challenge. I drink at least 70 oz of water ..."
Successful: 14 Oct 11 by fluffy mama
"as long as I can count coffee! "
Failed: 11 Oct 11 by big heart
"I am only able to get about 8 cups of water in me."
Failed: 09 Oct 11 by Ashley Fletcher
"I have been under the weather, and even water wouldn't stay down :("
Successful: 03 Oct 11 by Eduardo Santos
"Consegui um programinha do iphone que tem me ajudado a controlar"
Failed: 01 Oct 11 by aatheart
"I was stressed"
Failed: 01 Oct 11 by mare414
Successful: 29 Sep 11 by Dervis04
"I've changed it to 96oz a day. Trying for 150oz was a little overkill..."
Successful: 27 Sep 11 by Radhika
"yes almost when ever i remember i drink"
Failed: 23 Sep 11 by dmwunder
"need to make a conscience effort to drink more water..."
Successful: 23 Sep 11 by zig
"I drank even more on a couple of days.."
Successful: 23 Sep 11 by allieaac
"Taking a new medicine that makes me not very thirsty...has been hard to ..."
Failed: 23 Sep 11 by miznee8
Failed: 22 Sep 11 by HealthyInFL
"Have met my 64 mark, but not 80 every day. Will continue to work on that!"
Failed: 21 Sep 11 by ShastaRenea92
"probably could have added in a glass more per day"
Failed: 17 Sep 11 by hnybnch80
"Just starting today"
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