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Or choose another site to make your own educated choices on how much water to drink. This amount will be your goal for the duration of this challege. Post how much water you will be drinking if you need help with accountability.

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Week 2 88% Successful
Week 1 92% Successful

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Failed: 30 Sep 11 by Madbog
"i was drinking a 3rd of the water im supposed to be drinking"
Successful: 27 Sep 11 by LAhdeeDah
"i should be drinking between 75 and 150 oz. so bet 2.5L-4.5L. sheesh! "
Successful: 27 Sep 11 by Radhika
"yes i try to drink atieast 4 to 5 glass of water"
Failed: 25 Sep 11 by Lpb7
"no way can I consume that much water. Nomally drink 12 oz of liquid in ..."
Successful: 23 Sep 11 by zig
" 77 ounces is what I decided on."
Failed: 23 Sep 11 by Lena222
"I had mango juice this morning but over all I drink water."
Successful: 22 Sep 11 by HealthyInFL
"Determined that I need a minimum of 80 ounces daily . . . have been sh ..."
Successful: 20 Sep 11 by JMum
"wow...I drink a lot of water, now I wonder if I need more..."
Successful: 17 Sep 11 by hnybnch80
"That's a lot of water!!!"
Successful: 17 Sep 11 by Ashley Fletcher
"I can't believe how much water I am supposed to be drinking! 102-204 oz ..."

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