Mini-Challenge - Do not eat chips, pretzels, candy, chocolate etc. (Part 2)



Now that Valentine's Day has passed, revert back to healthier choices such as plain yogurt with your choice of added fresh fruits, berries, whole grain cereals, etc.

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Week 8 50% Successful
Week 7 35% Successful
Week 6 26% Successful
Week 5 47% Successful

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Successful: 17 Mar 13 by H. L. Hackney
"2 chocolate dhip cookies on Friday PM."
Failed: 09 Mar 13 by paulacvdw
"just a couple little squares of chocolate, and three homemade ginger snaps ..."
Failed: 02 Mar 13 by susiec88
"Had some chocolate the other day. Bad of me I know"
Failed: 24 Feb 13 by nicholas.clarke
"Some snacks ended up being completely unhealthy. (cake, Frappuccino , ..."

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