Mini-Challenge - Replace 2 cups of coffee with 2 cups of green tea



replace your morning coffee with green tea - it speeds up metabolism and it beats the hunger pangs

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Week by Week Results

Week 4 100% Successful
Week 3 85% Successful
Week 2 66% Successful
Week 1 61% Successful

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Successful: 17 Feb 13 by eggshapedfred
"just had 1 cup of green tea to replace my one cup of coffee :)"
Successful: 15 Feb 13 by Frikkzor
"Dont dink coffee, never have and never will, but i drink lots of water ..."
Successful: 11 Feb 13 by chaham
"DID it got myself some Anique Metabolism tea and Detox Yummy "
Failed: 11 Feb 13 by Shabud
"love my coffee"