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Posted: 23 Sep 2016, 03:21
Im ill and i have no desire to make a salad, luckily yesterday i felt it coming so i prepared some easy to eat foods for now:

Sometimes life is THAT simple.

Keep in mind that vitamin C will be broken down by oxigen. So fruits and vegetables that you want to store for longer then an hour must be "whole to eat" foods or roughly cut.

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Posted: 23 Sep 2016, 03:26
also a good idea for the road! sometimes you are just not at home at the time you usually make your salad...
I always keep old plastic containers of foods i buy from the store, especially if they look nice or have multiple containers...
I also always look in the baby-department for handy food-containers. Those moms nowadays do know how to bring along their baby's nutricients, but they can be superhandy to bring along the ingredients for your on-the-road salads!!
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Posted: 23 Sep 2016, 07:59
Excellent organisation, puhpine. I love the snack containers too. My daughter (who is now almost 13) loves to take crackers, yoghurt and cut veg or fruits to school in the mini containers. That is easy, good fast food.