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About this Challenge:

Start or continue to include at least 3 raw foods in our diet each day.

Final Challenge Progress Results

northernmusician Total Progress: 2.97%  (Down 5.8 lb)
0alanna0 Total Progress: 2.21%  (Down 5.4 lb)
nyashmyash1 Total Progress: 2.20%  (Down 4.4 lb)
puhpine1 Total Progress: 1.63%  (Down 3.3 lb)
68TinLizzie82 Total Progress: 1.07%  (Down 2.0 lb)
Hermiones Mom Total Progress: 0.75%  (Down 1.2 lb)
leodragon Total Progress: 0.58%  (Down 1.5 lb)
erikahollister Total Progress: 0.38%  (Down 0.8 lb)
Aussie Elise Total Progress: 0.27%  (Down 0.4 lb)
kclab Total Progress: 0.00%  (Steady 0 lb)
redgirl1974 Total Progress: 0.00%  (Steady 0 lb)
kpwcalories Total Progress: 0.28%  (Up 0.4 lb)

Completed Mini-Challenges

Days 1 to 14

Eat at least 3 serves of raw foods per day for 2 weeks.

Choose at least 3 serves of raw foods to eat each day. Try to choose vegetables, fruits, raw nuts and fresh raw eggs (but no raw eggs if you are pregnant or unsure.)
93% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Successful: 23 Sep 16 by 68TinLizzie82
"apple, grapes, green salad, tomatoes "

Latest Challenge Posts

my salad for the day.
Excellent organisation, puhpine. I love the snack containers too. My daughter (who is now almost 13) loves to take crackers, yoghurt and cut veg or fruits to school in the mini containers. That is easy, ...
by Aussie Elise on 23 Sep 16 07:59 AM
3 daily fresh foods
You are most welcome! This is such a far away island and yet we try to keep connected. Somehow. :)
by Aussie Elise on 23 Sep 16 04:30 AM
Weigh ins
Yes, I had similar issues yesterday. Things that I posted didn't show but today they were all there! Bit of a pain.
by Aussie Elise on 21 Sep 16 06:49 AM
Well done Tinlizzie. :)
by Aussie Elise on 16 Sep 16 09:30 AM
You can always eat more than 3 serves of raw food per day!
by iulani on 15 Sep 16 08:51 AM

 Challenge Ended

This challenge ended on Tuesday 27 September 2016.

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Challenge Info

status: Completed
ended: 26 Sep 16
duration: 14 Days
reporting: Daily
participants: 21
privacy: Public
administrators: Aussie Elise
created: 31 August 2016

All Mini-challenges:

Eat at least 3 serves of raw foods per day for 2 weeks. ( days 1 to 14 )

Rolling Challenge Performance:

The day to day running total weight lost

Day 14:

All Participants 0.63%  (Down 24.5 lb)

Day 13:

All Participants 0.61%  (Down 23.9 lb)

Day 12:

All Participants 0.56%  (Down 21.9 lb)

Day 11:

All Participants 0.46%  (Down 18.1 lb)

Day 10:

All Participants 0.55%  (Down 21.6 lb)

Day 9:

All Participants 0.54%  (Down 21.1 lb)

Day 8:

All Participants 0.47%  (Down 18.2 lb)

Day 7:

All Participants 0.46%  (Down 18.0 lb)

Day 6:

All Participants 0.43%  (Down 16.6 lb)

Day 5:

All Participants 0.32%  (Down 12.6 lb)

Day 4:

All Participants 0.29%  (Down 11.1 lb)

Day 3:

All Participants 0.22%  (Down 8.6 lb)

Day 2:

All Participants 0.18%  (Down 6.9 lb)

Day 1:

All Participants 0.08%  (Down 3.3 lb)

Latest Photos

Simple big salad
by Aussie Elise
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stored for the next day...
by puhpine1
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very surpising!! very tasty!!
by puhpine1

Add fresh herbs
by Aussie Elise
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