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Last Weigh In.... OCTOBER 29th.
Let's make this a great weigh in... cause this challenge will be over. :shock: :arrow: Dear Bonnie... please start us up a new challenge. Thanks, Mom 8)
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Operation Weekend Watch
I was discussing this with Erin last night and it seems to be a problem a lot of us are having. We are good all week and then the weekends come around and all our good intentions are thrown out of the ...
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I just looked at the Member List for this Challenge and got really, really happy! SO many of you are my "pals" already, and the others are "Buddys of my Buddys" - (Follow that?) ...
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Our challenge has started!
I'm so happy to see how many members we have. I hope you are all looking forward to this as much as I am. I know my mental health needs a boost as much as my physical health does. I'm hoping this ...
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Everyone is Losing so far... Beautiful!
I just looked at everyone's progress today and those that logged in their weight today showed a loss ... 100%!!!! :) Talk about exciting!!!! WTG Buddies!!!! ;)
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Gratitude Journal
So glad to be here with you. Today I am most grateful for: 1. Minnie found little Emma kitty outside under the porch. She is safe inside the house again. 2. Karen complimented me on my double disc ...
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Can't wait to get started . . .
so I already have. I'm really happy to see that so many have joined, since it's more of a cerebral sort of challenge. I've learned over my 68 years, that most things are all in your head. ...
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