Mini-Challenge - Portion control and speed



the human stomach is the size of your fist so make your portions smaller or use a smaller plate to help. Also eat your food very slowly it fills you faster. Ever notice when your out to eat you feel so stuffed cuz you talk to who youre out with and it slows your eating. Eat to live dont live to eat!

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Week 10 85% Successful
Week 9 100% Successful
Week 8 87% Successful
Week 7 80% Successful
Week 6 88% Successful
Week 5 81% Successful
Week 4 78% Successful
Week 3 81% Successful
Week 2 73% Successful
Week 1 75% Successful

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Successful: 28 Sep 11 by countess sherry
"using side plate at every evening meal this is permanent ...just for the ..."
Successful: 26 Sep 11 by tinker40
"making sure I am eating enough of the right stuff, in the right amounts"
Failed: 02 Aug 11 by amyhappy
"cant stop overeating"
Successful: 21 Jul 11 by sherrynipwalk
"This one is the hardest for me. I'm always in a hurry."

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