Mini-Challenge - Make snacking healthy



Stop your late night and home from work or boredom snacking or just make it healthy sugar free puddings, jello, carrot sticks, there are so many healthy choices

Overall result for everyone:

Week by Week Results

Week 10 71% Successful
Week 9 80% Successful
Week 8 50% Successful
Week 7 100% Successful
Week 6 66% Successful
Week 5 81% Successful
Week 4 78% Successful
Week 3 62% Successful
Week 2 92% Successful
Week 1 83% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Failed: 28 Sep 11 by countess sherry
"i dont snack much but when i do im not very good"
Successful: 26 Sep 11 by tinker40
"been sticking to my sugar free jello, along with or alternting with sugar ..."
Successful: 23 Jul 11 by kimmci
"Didnt buy any so I could pass this part of the challenge."
Successful: 21 Jul 11 by sherrynipwalk
"sugar free jellow and light cool whip is my favorite, also like the new ..."

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