Mini-Challenge - Eat more VEGGIES



try to add vegitables to dinner every night and i dont mean starch like potatoes! A nice salad before dinner or with/for lunch

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Week by Week Results

Week 10 85% Successful
Week 9 40% Successful
Week 8 37% Successful
Week 7 60% Successful
Week 6 75% Successful
Week 5 70% Successful
Week 4 85% Successful
Week 3 93% Successful
Week 2 86% Successful
Week 1 66% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Successful: 28 Sep 11 by countess sherry
"i decided phycologically it is better for me to add dinner to veggies ..."
Successful: 26 Sep 11 by tinker40
"been really watching those veggies, making sure I am getting enough"
Failed: 09 Sep 11 by Thunderphilly23
"Just have been too busy to make salads..."
Successful: 23 Jul 11 by kimmci
"I love veggies!"
Successful: 21 Jul 11 by sherrynipwalk
"In the past I've not been a big vegitable eater, but I have tried to i ..."

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