Mini-Challenge - drink water less soda and other sugar foods, have you ever seen the calories in a bottle of soda!!!



Most non sugar liquids are good but water is best if youre a serious soda drinker give it up for a week you will see weight loss Diet soda is high in sodium which holds water weight so try to drink 60oz a day of water

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Week 10 100% Successful
Week 9 100% Successful
Week 8 87% Successful
Week 7 100% Successful
Week 6 77% Successful
Week 5 90% Successful
Week 4 92% Successful
Week 3 93% Successful
Week 2 92% Successful
Week 1 92% Successful

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Successful: 28 Sep 11 by countess sherry
"i dont drink soda"
Successful: 09 Sep 11 by Thunderphilly23
"I have slowed down on my water intake. But I vow to pick it back up!"
Successful: 11 Aug 11 by holberry99
"still trying to kick the coffee addiction!"
Failed: 23 Jul 11 by kimmci
"Had 2 cans of diet coke but don't feel too bad about it since I rarely ..."
Successful: 21 Jul 11 by sherrynipwalk
"I never drink regular soda, don't drink much soda at all, mostly water."

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