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amazing ,cant believe the time has flown and ive lost 11 pounds ..thank you
i just looked at this challenge and cant believ how each week every litle bit adds up and ive lost 11 opounds since this challenge started im really pleased
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started by countess sherry, 9 years ago.   
Marks of Success?
I have been doing so much better. Not perfect, but a complete 180 degrees from where I was 2 months ago. I am so much more conscious of what I prepare for myself and eat. I have dieted in the past, even ...
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started by HeyJude602, 9 years ago.   
Dim Sum
Was looking through the newspaper this morning and came across an article on Dim Sum, and it gave me what I think might be a great idea. Dim Sum, or what I like to think of as a meal made up of appeti ...
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started by HeyJude602.   
i still need to eat more veggies
i oh so badly need some ideas to put flavour into those veggies ...they realy dont inspire me at all ...i am trying ...ughhhhh:evil:
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started by countess sherry, 10 years ago.   
Fruit Redux
Just ate the tartest peach I have had all summer. I think it dissolved some of the enamel on my teeth! :shock:
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started by HeyJude602, 10 years ago.   
Fruit Has Calories Too!
I was so hungry last night, either from my meds or from my 45 minute bike ride. So I ate lots of fruit to handle that sweet tooth of mine. While it was very, very tasty, I was shocked this morning when ...
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started by HeyJude602, 10 years ago.   
Where to cut?
My fat and sodium levels are still too high. But where to cut? I also need to increase my protein to almost double what I am eating now. I am not a big meat eater (not a vegetarian, just lazy) so I am ...
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started by HeyJude602, 10 years ago.   

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