Mini-Challenge - Exercise at least 30 min 3 days a week



You must either A) Lift weights B) Run or Bike or C) Do ab workouts for 30-50 minutes on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday of the week. Start at 6 am workout then go back to bed it you want =)

Overall result for everyone:

Week by Week Results

Week 6 80% Successful
Week 5 83% Successful
Week 4 88% Successful
Week 3 77% Successful
Week 2 66% Successful
Week 1 64% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Successful: 24 May 11 by MandaPanda242
"3 days at 630am, 2 in the afternoon"
Successful: 12 May 11 by Revbrucem
"I hurt my back but I worked through the pain and worked out every morning."
Failed: 02 May 11 by tweeety623
"Only worked out on Thursday morning. Did some push-ups and ab workout ..."
Successful: 26 Apr 11 by Dwendt22
"Did 30 minutes on the eliptical..."
Failed: 25 Apr 11 by Ash3rB
"I did keep up with exercising but I wasnt up at 6!! ha ha "