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Posted: 04 Jan 2011, 07:28
Sorry to all you old timers, but I am new to fatsecret and new to the challenges!

Is there somewhere on the site I am supposed to record the water I drink - and hence the success rate of sticking to the challenge?

Or update my progress in any way?

Did really well yesterday - day 1 despite the fact that I did not start challenge until 12 noon - still managed 64oz! And 8:30am and already well on my way for today - boy have I been peeing a lot!!!!

Thanks in advance for your advice - and here's to a great challenge with great results for our weight loss!

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Posted: 04 Jan 2011, 10:22
I need to know this too.

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Posted: 04 Jan 2011, 20:05
No there isn't other then your personal eating records. I record tap and bottle water on there.

You shouldn't report a success till Jan 10th, if you complete a week of drinking water instead of soda then it's a success ... if not then You'll do better next week!!

Hope that makes sense.
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Posted: 05 Jan 2011, 06:25
Thanks HauntedWebby, but how do I report the 'Success' when I have completed the week?


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Posted: 05 Jan 2011, 06:35
OK - just found the Weigh in & Report button!!

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Posted: 05 Jan 2011, 13:19
Can you tell me where the Weigh in & Report button is? I'm new to this also. Thanks!

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Posted: 05 Jan 2011, 21:01
I was confused too. Go to your home page (where you put in food) and where you "weigh in" there's something that says report your progress (on your weigh in page too) and it shows pass/fail and how many days until the end of the week before you have to report. I think that's it!
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Posted: 06 Jan 2011, 07:22
The blind leading the blind here - I hope an expert will come on to give us advice!

The 'weigh & report' button I think we have to use for the challenge is:

go to challenge Home page (not your own home page) scroll down past Recent Challenge Updates, past Mini-Challenges, at the bottom of that section is the weigh & report button. I guess the reason that some have already reported is that their normal weigh-in day is not on a monday in line with the challenge???


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Posted: 07 Jan 2011, 14:45
Totally lost with all this, It should be so much easier to log on and record our progress. Im trying to be responsible, hold myself accountable for everyday choices of eating drinking and exercising. I was looking for an easy way to record it and keep it all together.

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