Mini-Challenge - Work those ab muscles, all day long!

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Try to do any kind of exercise that targets the abdominal muscles. Make a point to do something at several points during the day. (When you wake up, before you eat lunch, when you get home from work, before you eat dinner, while you're watching tv, before you go to bed) There are so many little exercises that really work your abs!

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Week by Week Results

Week 9 75% Successful
Week 8 25% Successful
Week 7 80% Successful
Week 6 66% Successful
Week 5 80% Successful
Week 4 40% Successful
Week 3 50% Successful
Week 2 37% Successful
Week 1 66% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Failed: 28 Jul 12 by sarahxxx
"Some of the time but not throughout the day"
Successful: 11 Jul 12 by DandiMae
"I set a timer and every time it goes off, I do some sort of ab related ..."
Successful: 02 Jul 12 by mrsmacg2012
"Definitely making an effort to think about working the abs when walking ..."

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