Mini-Challenge - "Increase" Your Exercise & Activity



Whatever you're doing, if you do MORE, you pass! Park at the farthest end of the parking lot, take the stairs, walk down ALL the grocery store aisles, do 11 push-ups instead of 10. Just do more than you would "usually" do.

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Day by Day Results

Day 7 85% Successful
Day 6 88% Successful
Day 5 66% Successful
Day 4 66% Successful
Day 3 77% Successful
Day 2 77% Successful
Day 1 84% Successful

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Successful: 19 Apr 21 by jeannieselby
"Company yesterday. Went outside and set in my new swing."
Successful: 15 Apr 21 by CEhealthy
"Golfed for the first time this season"

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