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Posted: 07 May 2019, 12:16
Congratulations to all of our participants in this week's challenge! I was quite impressed with the significant losses!!!

Our First Place Prize Ribbon goes to a first-time participant who just joined in April: @bunnyslave lost a jaw-dropping 9.0 pounds in just seven days!

Second Place goes to 2nd-time participant @MamaB1517 who lost an awe-inspiring 6.2-pounds!

Third Place losses were equally impressive and were tied by first-time participants @JessieLee76 and @mckelh003 - both with whopping 5.6# losses![/b]

Right on their heels in Fourth Place was first-time challenger @annerolfe with a spectacular 5.4# loss!

In our “3-4-Pounds Lost” Category, we had @pjk46 who lost an impressive 4.5 pounds and @milesbud who lost a significant 3.0 pounds!

We had FIVE people in the “2+ Pounds Lost” Category: @dboza lost 2.6#; @trying to lose a few dropped 2.6#; @laraae shed 2.5#; @znastar1 got rid of 2.4#; @Irishnabb took off 2.0# and @Ketovegan reduced by 2.0#!

SEVEN hard-working participants lost "1+ Pounds": @MacNova - 1.9#; @Jaime30024 – 1.4#; @PattiOB – 1.3#; @Snowwhite100 – 1.3#; @justdoit! – 1.0#; @mysize10 – 1.0#; and @Wendella1294 – 1.0#

Losing just under a very respectable 1 pound were TEN more people: @Phcabrervi1 – 0.8#; @Dennymau – 0.7#; @DollyPat – 0.7#; @Katies71 – 0.5#; @writer1gal – 0.5#; @erikahollister – 0.4#; @Rindaloo – 0.4#; @davemarsh – 0.3#; @ccangel50 – 0.2#; and @DBakerrian - 0.2#.

Maintaining their weight, we had @Catrina051, @feliciahenderson, @mbd121, and @seniorme.

Only 1/8 of our participants gained this week (10 out of 81). And, as is always the case, there were a good percentage of people who never reported in a final weight, so we do not know if they gained, lost or stayed the same!

May God Bless You on Your Journey. Debbie Cousins

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Posted: 10 May 2019, 15:57
Congratulations everyone!
In Life we are all dealt crappy hands every now and then but the truly strong stay playing and hold out for the best hand and run the whole damn table! ~MamaB Always fight and never give up

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