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Posted: 02 May 2019, 22:29
It will be interesting to know what WOE each group member is following. Have you tried more than 1 type of WOE? Which did you find the most useful? If Intermittent Fasting, what exactly are you doing?!6:8 or 5:2 or 2 days of very low calories?

As for me, I am still trying to figure out what works. Currently just trying to balance the macros, keeping total carbs below 50%, trying to increase proteins. I attempted Intermittent fasting, with 16:8, also 2 meals a day, but gave it up as I felt too hungry all morning. Now trying to do it gradually. I am just at 12:12, but will gradually increase the fasting period.

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Posted: 03 May 2019, 14:40
Hi hbfgvv. I do 5-6 days OMAD, which is 1 meal a day, and 1-2 days 16:8. I also incorporate the Spike diet.

The Spike diet is consists of 3 days eating my resting calories, 3 days eating 500 calories less the my resting calories, and 1 day spiking my calories to 1.2 times my resting calories. When I get more active, it will be 1.5 times my resting calories.

I track chol, fat, carbs and sugar, but I am mostly a CICO (calories in/calories out) kind of gal. I lost 60 lbs is 2012 with CICO and the Spike diet.

OMAD and fasting just makes the low days easier to hit. I lost 14lbs in April, but I am down 25lbs in all.

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Posted: 03 May 2019, 16:38
I have had the most success on the Keto WOE. I made the mistake of adding "a little" fruit, and before I knew it I was having 8-10 servings of fruit a DAY and was hungry all the time, resulting in an almost 8-pound weight gain in about 12 days! Diets I've done in the past: Scarsdale (yes, I'm THAT old!), Weight Watchers, "First Place" (a Christian weight-loss program), and Paleo. I really feel like most ANY diet can work for most any BODY if you just really FOLLOW the diet plan. The trick is finding one that you like and that you can MAINTAIN so you don't gain all the weight back! Over the past 43 years, I've lost over ONE THOUSAND POUNDS! HONESTLY! But, I've gained over 1,030!
May God Bless You on Your Journey. Debbie Cousins
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Posted: 03 May 2019, 19:41
I just try to eat a balanced diet and count calories. I've cut back a little on carbs, but not much. I've lost 15 pounds in 1 1/2 months, but I'm obese, so I expect that to slow down as I lose more weight. I'm not in a great hurry, it took me 25 years to gain 100 pounds, if I can lose that over about 2 years I will be very happy.

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Posted: 03 May 2019, 21:46
I'm not a "diet" person, pretty healthy, but haven't ever had more than 20 pounds to lose. In last few years (I'm now 65), I keep adding on a few more pounds. Don't like how my body looks, lost my shape in the middle, so I've been researching a post-menopause WOE, called Metabolic Renewal. It's high protein, low carb meal plans for my female age group. It's slowly working with the accountability here on FS. I have to re-commit every week, and still have about 8 weeks to go.

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Posted: 04 May 2019, 21:45
Jessa, Debbie, Shirfleur and DBakerrian, it sure was interesting to read about your WOEs. So I went online to look up the details of these and then went on to look at other WOEs, such as the Smash diet, the Warrior diet, the Macro diet.... with diet plans and recipes and.... before I knew it, I had spent the whole night on the computer.
Not good to miss my beauty ( weight loss) sleep. Cannot afford to go on an Intermittent Sleep Way of Living. So, I am going to bed early tonight ( i.e. 10 30 PM, LOL!).

Now, let's hear it from the others, about your WOEs and your experiences.

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Posted: 10 May 2019, 16:13
My WOE is Keto and IF. I have been doing this since March 8th I am down 17lbs total.
I have tried many diets and not found any that have had lasting results until Keto. The diets I have tried are HCG (way to strict for me) Beachbody slim in 6, 21 day meal fix, Piyo (still do the exercise just don’t follow their meal plan), weight watchers, curves, water fast (that was stupid and ended up in the hospital because of it. I don’t recommend it to Anyone).
My mom is diabetic and I don’t want to be so I decided to do something for myself so that I can be healthy for my family and myself.
In Life we are all dealt crappy hands every now and then but the truly strong stay playing and hold out for the best hand and run the whole damn table! ~MamaB Always fight and never give up

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