Mini-Challenge - “Increase” your Exercise & Activity.



Whatever you're doing, if you do MORE, you pass! Park at the farthest end of the parking lot, take the stairs, walk down ALL the grocery store aisles, do 11 pushups instead of 10. Just do more than you would "usually" do.

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Day by Day Results

Day 7 76% Successful
Day 6 80% Successful
Day 5 68% Successful
Day 4 76% Successful
Day 3 76% Successful
Day 2 70% Successful
Day 1 60% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Successful: 06 May 19 by PattiOB
"gardening two hours today"
Failed: 06 May 19 by dboza
"Didn't do much.."
Successful: 06 May 19 by hbfgvv
"Walked for 1 hour @ 3mph"
Successful: 06 May 19 by jessabridge4444
"cleaning all day"
Successful: 06 May 19 by butterfliesrfree
"8191 steps, walked dogs, treadmill, sitandbefit, yard work - weeding, ..."
Failed: 04 May 19 by znastar1
"Studying for a tough exam this weekend. I'll be pretty sedentary for the ..."
Successful: 02 May 19 by writer1gal
"This is the first week that I did over 10,000 steps every day"
Successful: 02 May 19 by bunnyslave
"It may not seem like much, but from sitting in a chair all day, walking ..."
Failed: 01 May 19 by trying to lose a few
"not feeling well today hopefully better tomorrow so calories used are down ..."
Failed: 30 Apr 19 by Irishnabb
"Grr schedule was way off"

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