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NEW Challenge Each Week! Great starting place for LC/HF Keto. Gets you in the habit of recording & balancing macros!


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1. NET Carbs 30g or less

Guidelines: Carbs minus fiber & sugar alcohols = NET Carbs. Just keep them AT or under 30g per day. (Eventually, you may want to decrease to 20-25g.)
days 1 to 7

2. Drink at least 48oz of water daily

Guidelines: That's SIX 8-oz bottles or THREE 16-oz. We're trying to build up to 64oz daily, but 48oz is a great starting place!
days 1 to 7

3. 20g Dietary Fiber Daily

Guidelines: Get at least 20g Dietary Fiber daily. RDI for females is 25g, for males 38g. Most people get less than half their RDI, so 20g is a great improvement!
days 1 to 7

4. Get at least 60% of your calories from FAT

Guidelines: This is easy to track with the "Calorie Breakdown" pie chart at the bottom of your Food Diary page. If you're true KETO, you'll want to get that number up to 70% or more, but 60 is a great place to start!
days 1 to 7

5. Increase your Exercise & Activity

Guidelines: Whatever you're doing, do MORE! Record ALL activity in your Exercise Diary. You'll be surprised how many things burn calories!
days 1 to 7

6. READ the Challenge Posts daily

Guidelines: I'll be sharing several helpful posts to encourage you on your journey. Others will, too. And, so can YOU!
days 1 to 7

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Bite it Write it ...
Will this mini challenge be coming back? I like that one.
by wifeofachef2 on 14 Jan 19 07:39 PM

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duration: 7 Days
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created: 08 January 2019

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