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Announcement: Podcasts
I'm basing the duration of the challenge and the number of runs per week off of Robert Ullrey's podcasts. I downloaded them on iTunes for free searching Couch to 5k. You can use whatever podcast ...
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started by sjholderman.   
I ran 5k!
On Saturday I ran in a Police/Firefighter Memorial 5k and completed it in 35 minutes! I walked for less than 15 seconds right before I hit 3 miles. I was starting to get discouraged because I'd yet ...
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started by Mmmily, 7 years ago.   
Completed my first 20 minute run with no stops this weekend!! That feels pretty good! Started week six today and am actually looking forward to that 25 minute run on day 3... I CAN DO THIS! :d
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started by Loopygirl1.   
Too quiet!
Hey all, It's too quiet on this forum LOL Where's everyone hiding? How are the runs going?? I'm just starting Week 5 on Tuesday. And it appears since starting this challenge, I've lost ...
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Couldn't complete a run
I couldn't complete my run today. I feel so defeated. I'm going to try again on Saturday, but until today I was so empowered by each previous run that I felt like I could really finish this ch ...
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Article in Prevention
Hi all, hope the running is going well. I know it's tough, and I got a late start myself, but I'll start week 2 on Friday or Saturday & hopefully catch up:oops: I just read a work-out plan ...
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started by sjholderman, 7 years ago.   
Oh no!
My first blister. Guess it's time to go get some socks without cotton! At the risk of jinxing myself, the run today was easy. How are you doing?
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started by kerstenmarie.   
What treadmil setting do you use?
Hey everyone, For people using a treadmill to do this what setting do you have for speed and incline for the walking and the running?
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Brand new, what's going to happen?
Hi, I'm brand new to and signed up for this challenge. What's going to happen? I dont see any instructions or anything on what to do -- do I need a mp3 player, or app phone or ...
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started by Avisokay.   
Started yesterday
I completed Week 1 Day yesterday. I coach a girls running club two days a week so it worked out perfectly:d Will complete day two tomorrow.
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started by kodalyteacher, 7 years ago.   
A Girl and Her Dog
I've started the C25K plan a dozen times but never seen it through to the end, but this time I'm determined to do it for my running buddy. Evidently, I'm not the only one struggling with their ...
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started by LenaHyena.   
So proud I started this.... will see it thru
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started by Rinns, 7 years ago.   
Measurements and first session completed
Alrighty, so here are my measurements, I hope this is where I am supposed to... Bust 39.5 waist 32 hips 39
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started by Lifeguardette, 7 years ago.   
On my way...WOOT WOOT!!!
Man I am going to be sore tomorrow but I don't care. I liked the Ullrey podcast because it gave me something to distract me and keep me on pace. Music was pretty good too! Well day one down.
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started by walarsha, 7 years ago.   
I'm a believer!
I can tell you this works because it's how I started. I had lost 60 pounds which I kept off for two years. During that time I did the Couch to 5K and went on to run several 5Ks, 4 half-marathons, ...
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started by kodalyteacher.