Mini-Challenge - Take Consistent Action. From working out, to how you eat, to how frequent you post here. That's it.



There is no secret to weight loss. If you want to lose weight it'll take a little work on your part. Not hard work, but consistent work. I decided to run a group because I've had success with weight loss. It's nice when people see your results and ask for help, so I've been just doing my part to pay it forward and share my story and what worked for me. Now for the guidelines. I can virtually guarantee success if you do the following every day. It's what I did and many others, so I know it works. Every day, come to this group and post: 1) What type of exercise you did (even if you did not exercise that day, tell us you didn't). It's about keeping yourself accountable 2) How did you eat? it up. If you see that every day you're posting that you ate poorly, you'll start to change it 3) No negativity towards others in the group. We're all in this together so it's about helping each other with support and motivation.

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Week by Week Results

Week 4 64% Successful
Week 3 63% Successful
Week 2 65% Successful
Week 1 85% Successful

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Successful: 26 Nov 12 by Jules Lynn Spang-Drisk
"Last week I only ran 18 miles on the treadmill and swam 1 mile. I chased ..."
Successful: 26 Nov 12 by RiverRes
"Final weigh in and I was extremely consistent in managing my diet and ..."
Failed: 26 Nov 12 by Sweeteater
"Totally blew off exercise over Thanksgiving while traveling and got a ..."
Successful: 19 Nov 12 by slynn_lynn
"Still workin' it--yesss!"
Failed: 10 Nov 12 by the dog walker
"I wanted to do this but one thing led to another and I forgot to record ..."
Failed: 05 Nov 12 by SEL11
"Didn't work out at all, ate well except for Sunday when I just could not ..."
Failed: 05 Nov 12 by murdockc843
"I forgot to post daily. And I kept track in my head of what I ate. Oops. ..."
Successful: 02 Nov 12 by jrfarb@gmail
"Biked 18 miles, light cleaning, walked a mile yesterday. Breakfast cheese ..."
Successful: 02 Nov 12 by Bookgal1977
"Dropped a pound! Woot!"