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Life style
Exercise must be part of your life style. No if, but or excuses
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started by Americanpersian, 5 years ago.   
Morning All
I was wondering how every one is feeling about thier progress? I have struggled with consistency so far but am please that I am within my goal of 10 lbs in 4 weeks. I've spent some time reading the ...
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started by rwgroot60, 5 years ago.   
Had to take Wednesday off!!
I had exercised 4 days in a row and HAD to give my body a break. I've been doing a Crossfit "like" routine and my body was wrecked. I'm excited about the challenge, but I can't do ...
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started by Erika6G, 5 years ago.   
Stubborn Pounds!
So I have been working out 4-6 days a week, for about 1 and a half to 2 and a half hours for the past month and a half doing cardio, strength, aerobics, and have not lost 1 darn POUND! I'm becoming ...
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started by nmua88.   
I am new to this site so any help is appreciated! So now that I have joined a challenge how does it work? When the challenge starts to we receive tips/guidance?
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started by friendlyfish.   
weight is attacking my self esteem
this morning i looked at my reflection walkimg to work and i was horrified at the size of my stomach.. I know i am to blame for this so im the only one who can change it. My problem is the inconsistency ...
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started by melisaapple22.   
good luck every one
Well here iam at 182 pounds again. But I'm going to try again.
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started by courage4me, 5 years ago.   
Welcome to the Challenge
Hi all. I'd like to welcome you all to this challenge. It is the firsy of a series of challenges that I will be setting up to help me in my quest to lose 130 lbs. I started on here at 286 lbs and ...
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started by rwgroot60.   
Excited to begin
Im doing the challenge with you all and cant wait to jump right in.
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started by Mike1989, 5 years ago.   
Can't wait to get started - with a buddy this time!
My weight has always been all over the board - at my heaviest I was 234 and I lost about 85 nearly 5 years ago and maintained between 150 and 160 for a few years before I met my now-husband. We both d ...
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started by fallingbutterfly.