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Posted: 01 Mar 2011, 15:23
I will be providing more post here to help make sure this challenge is catered to your needs.

The single best step you can take now is to create your Free Team Beachbody Account. This gives you additional free on-line tools to really step up your fitness and make this Challenge work!!

If you don't already have a Team Beachbody Account, just go to My Coach page and click the FREE JOIN option.

Why do you want to do this? Because now you will have access to the Nutrition Guides and Schedules that come with the Beachbody products. Because if there is one rule you can take away from this challenge that is....This is NOT a diet! You should be eating to properly fuel your body, and doing so in a manner that is a lifestyle change. This means it's something you will be able to sustain with pleasure for the rest of your life! If you are following a diet you dread...then you are just setting yourself up for failure.

Go to the Smart Eating Tab. From there you can access the meal planner section. And on that page is a cool tool called the Meal Planner Wizard. You enter your age, height, sex, work out program and goal. It then generates a calculated calorie adjusted weekly meal plan. I just love the tasty and fast meals they recommend. Real easy to follow.

But if you really want to simplify your nutrition, then I have to recommend Shakeology.
Shakeology info:

There is a reason why this is such a game changer in the world of nutrition. It's NOT a protein shake. It's NOT a Meal Replacement. It's NOT a recovery Drink. It's all those and more using nothing but whole food ingredients. Click on the bottom left corner of the Shakeology site for the nutrition fact sheet. Now go and compare that to the Protein drink or Slim fast meal replacement supplements. There is nothing on the market like Shakeology. And at $4 per serving, can't even find a fast food joint at that range.

Make sure you go to my Shakeology link and click the Doctors Tab. Just hear what they have to say, and Beachbody is not paying them one cent to endorse Shakeology. Click on the Nutritional PDF located on the bottom left side of the main form and just marvel at the ingredients list. And the kicker?!!! IT TASTE GREAT!!!

Beachbody is so confident that you will not only love the taste but feel the difference that they offer a bottom of the bag guarantee. That's right, consume the whole bag and if you find no benefit, just return it no questions asked. If you order it with Monthly Shipping, then you get free shipping and gifts. Truly no money out of pocket if you decide to return it. And you can cancel Monthly Shipping at any time. Message me if you would like more info.

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