This Challenge ended 10 years ago

About this Challenge:

To motivate those using Beachbody programs (P90x/Insanity) to stick with it. Reward those with best dedication and results.

Final Challenge Progress Results

Ms Trice2383 Total Progress: 8.57%  (Down 15.0 lb)
MizBuffy Total Progress: 6.42%  (Down 9.4 lb)
astraea82 Total Progress: 4.20%  (Down 6.0 lb)
Summergirl Total Progress: 3.97%  (Down 6.0 lb)
Colleen Susan Total Progress: 3.53%  (Down 6.0 lb)
jennybowman Total Progress: 3.49%  (Down 6.9 lb)
sljohnson6843 Total Progress: 3.29%  (Down 5.0 lb)
harafkai Total Progress: 2.83%  (Down 5.2 lb)
zmom Total Progress: 2.60%  (Down 3.4 lb)
vsvalles Total Progress: 2.21%  (Down 5.8 lb)
DrBHenderson Total Progress: 2.18%  (Down 3.6 lb)
yengyangklipp Total Progress: 2.10%  (Down 3.0 lb)
adrenalinjunky99 Total Progress: 1.66%  (Down 3.6 lb)
apple201111 Total Progress: 1.40%  (Down 2.3 lb)
amenez Total Progress: 1.37%  (Down 2.6 lb)
miladee Total Progress: 1.26%  (Down 2.0 lb)
tomhirt Total Progress: 1.16%  (Down 2.0 lb)
hgdomingo Total Progress: 1.01%  (Down 2.0 lb)
ELepolt Total Progress: 1.00%  (Down 1.4 lb)
monspaben Total Progress: 0.91%  (Down 1.8 lb)
ylianna28 Total Progress: 0.86%  (Down 1.2 lb)
levluv721 Total Progress: 0.82%  (Down 1.4 lb)
trophy1229 Total Progress: 0.78%  (Down 2.0 lb)
dragnflyjen Total Progress: 0.00%  (Steady 0 lb)
ShapeUp1 Total Progress: 0.00%  (Steady 0 lb)
mills130 Total Progress: 0.00%  (Steady 0 lb)
kfrancis43 Total Progress: 0.00%  (Steady 0 lb)
Rachel30 Total Progress: 0.96%  (Up 1.4 lb)
jone0653 Total Progress: 1.02%  (Up 2.0 lb)

Completed Mini-Challenges

Weeks 1 to 2

Follow Fitness Schedule at least 6 days of the week. Follow the nutrition plan 90%

Both P90x and Insanity offer nutrition plans. If you are using Power 90 or another workout plan, I will post a link to Micha's ladder. Follow the top two tiers
90% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Successful: 14 Mar 11 by tomhirt
"Finally...Finally completed Max Interval Plyo!!!"
Successful: 14 Mar 11 by DrBHenderson
"Weight is getting below my goal so I'm thinking of adding more P90X wo ..."
Successful: 12 Mar 11 by amenez
"Working out of town this past week. I managed to stay on top of the e ..."
Successful: 11 Mar 11 by mills130
"I'm on week seven day 4. Sore hamstrings have me worried about doing wall ..."

Weeks 3 to 4

Follow Fitness Schedule at least 6 days of the week. Follow the nutrition plan 100%

Lets eat super clean and strictly follow the nutrition plans. P90x folks should be shifting from Fat Schredder Phase 1 into Phase 2. For Insanity you will be adding the 100 calorie blocks to your daily consumption.
72% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Failed: 28 Mar 11 by Colleen Susan
"Sooo busy last week. Had a hard time meeting the schedule 100%. I tried ..."
Successful: 25 Mar 11 by tomhirt
"Just completed Insanity!! Starting my P90x/Insanity schedule on Monday."
Failed: 15 Mar 11 by sljohnson6843
"I'm eating Paleo"

Latest Challenge Posts

Congrats!!! Over 98 Pounds lost!!
I will be going over the logs and looking at those with the most activity and helping others to see who the winner of this challenge is. Excellent job folks!
by tomhirt on 29 Mar 11 04:06 PM
Whoo Hoo!!!!
Well I read this and can't help but yell a big Woot for ya! I always say that getting more fit, feeling better about yourself beats the weight scale any day. Maybe you can calc your body Fat % and ...
by tomhirt on 26 Mar 11 01:00 PM
Shaun T's Party Guide
Perfect! I order a Club soda and snack on the healthier options. But I don't dive into the buffet like I use to. :)
by tomhirt on 25 Mar 11 07:54 AM
P90X results
Yeah, I've made the same mistake and that's where Fat Secret's counter tool really comes in handy. I'm no longer counting calories but use it to track my Protein/Carb/Fat ratio. I had to ...
by tomhirt on 16 Mar 11 12:04 PM
Getting Lean with P90X
I think you are ok if you missed a few on recovery week. But just remember for every day you miss, you need two to make up. So try not to make a habit of it as catching up gets harder. If you really have ...
by tomhirt on 15 Mar 11 08:22 PM

 Challenge Ended

This challenge ended on Tuesday 29 March 2011.

The posting of Topics and Photos, and Participation in this challenge is available to Challenge Participants Only.

Challenge Info

status: Completed
ended: 28 Mar 11
duration: 4 Weeks
reporting: Once a Week
participants: 50
privacy: Public
administrators: tomhirt
created: 11 February 2011

All Mini-challenges:

1. Follow Fitness Schedule at least 6 days of the week. Follow the nutrition plan 90% ( weeks 1 to 2 )
2. Follow Fitness Schedule at least 6 days of the week. Follow the nutrition plan 100% ( weeks 3 to 4 )

Rolling Challenge Performance:

The week to week running total weight lost

Week 4:

All Participants 1.10%  (Down 94.2 lb)

Week 3:

All Participants 0.87%  (Down 74.1 lb)

Week 2:

All Participants 0.52%  (Down 44.6 lb)

Week 1:

All Participants 0.32%  (Down 27.7 lb)

Latest Photos

Attempting to improve and maintain
by Jiminthe518
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This is my before...hopefully will improve to lose 30 lbs
by mnb1223
1 comment

Meeting Tony Horton
by tomhirt
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Shaun T inspired Breakfast. Eggwhites with avocado!
by tomhirt
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