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Announcement: How did everyone do this week?
Would love to hear what challenges you all had this week even if it's just getting started. I know I have had a few hiccups cos I didn't look hard enough at what I can and can't eat. I also ...
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Announcement: HELP major challenge for tomorrow lunch.......
I have a work luncheon to attend with people I don't know tomorrow I am dreading it and don't know if I can go. I just checked the menu I have no idea how I can work around this. I am going for ...
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How did everyone do would love to know please share.....
Hope everyone is feeling good with how they did
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Feeling Lazy today Saturday
I have had a very busy week with work and did well making meals etc. But today I am feeling lazy just want to laze around don't even feel like getting dressed. Just ate an Atkins bar for breakfast. ...
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started by Yvonne19, 7 years ago.   
Starting today...
Hello! I am glad to be part of this group and hope to be able to help motivate everyone. This is me second "go-around" with Atkins and I'm back because it WORKS. I lost 60+ lbs about 5 ...
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Good morning everyone!
Sucked at carb count yesterday, but back on track today... This is actually day 5 for me. Anybody else a major Splenda user? Would love to find a remedy for this one... I use it all day long in my coffee ...
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Week one results
week one results are that I lost 5 lbs!!! I'm so happy with myself - Alittle nervous about going into the weekend - I'm having compnay come to my house for a "girls weekend" so I hope ...
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Recipes please!
I'm desperate! I've been on and off Induction for days...which means, I've been eating tasty No-no foods :( I'm stuck on a carb roller coaster and I need to get off! Any Induction recipe ...
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Atkins tips and discussion
I went to the Atkins official sight to try and figure out exactly how much protein I should be eating. I normally just make sure to add meat to every meal, and never actually paid attention the amounts. ...
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Inbox Please help
Anyone know where I can find Inbox message. I am new on here and can't find my inbox where I have a message :(
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bad girl
i had a terrible start of today... but im going right back on track... To all have a great monday
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can't get up to 20 net carbs a day
I've been eating everything on Adkins and I'm not getting the 20 carbs - I'm really watching what I eat but I'm only getting 12 - 14 net carbs a day - I'm eating alot - chicken , fish, ...
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A New Beginning
Hello fellow life changers. My name is Darlene and I am interested in joining this group and hoping to receive lots of advise, tips and support. My daughter brought me to Fatsecrets and I am hoping that ...
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I am having such a hard time keeping my carbs . to 20, trying to figure out what im doing wrong... if you have tips please let me know. thanks.
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Hello Everyone
I'm new to FatSecret. I do well on Atkins when I do it right. I'm looking forward offering and receiving great support on here. I see that it states this starts on Monday the 7th...but it says ...
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