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Announcement: 12 Weeks to Great Abs
Let's do this!! Get ready, get set, Gooooooooooo!! :d
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started by LaniKai, 5 years ago.   
keep on keeping on
been doing my crunches along with other kinds of crunches and leg lifts and some aerobics and cardio too havn't been posting as computer hs been down..but keeping up will weigh in again next sc ...
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started by darlenewill, 5 years ago.   
Up to 150
I have managed to go up to 125 sit ups. It was hard but boy do my abs feel good. I just wish I could see the muscle. LOL. Soon.... gotta lose weight for that! Keep it up ya'll!! :)
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started by LaniKai, 5 years ago.   
What a challenge
it seems a bit hard and crazy 12 weeks but slowly getting their I my ABS workout for all this week are as following: 4 sets of 25 Hip Thrust, Knee Thrust(each side), Reverse Crunches, and Sit ups. A bit ...
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started by Jesennia Geddes, 5 years ago.   
wow am I sore....o.0
yeah been working out for about a week and have increased cruches and other reps into my regimen, lifting weights as well...alternating days...but pain, no gain :d that still ...
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started by darlenewill, 5 years ago.   
What a ABS workout
Well started my ABS Challenge today I did the following: 20 Hip thrust, 20 side crunches each side, 20 Single leg hip trusch each side, 20 reverse crunch (Knees to chest), and 20 sit-up. it was hard but ...
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started by Jesennia Geddes, 5 years ago.   
Stoked!!! well :)
i have already started with the 100 reps and been working out since this morning toning and tightening with a vid put out by Brooke Burke...i have had 8 surgeries and have gained 60 lbs in the last year ...
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started by darlenewill.   
So excited about this challenge. needed it to be written down and to know other people will be doing it to get into the mindset. Have lost the weight, now these 12 weeks will be about toning toning to ...
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started by steedo2012, 5 years ago.   
Standing AB workout
I don't know about everyone else, but I was looking for an ab workout where I didn't have to lay on the floor. I found this one on youtube by Jillian Michaels and I thought I'd share it in ...
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started by Nyisia.