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I have a confession to make.....
I created this Challenge and then never came back. You have all done so well. I feel ashamed. Good for you for those who made the commitment.:oops:
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started by Karrebeaar, 9 years ago.   
I think this challenge will be the most helpful for me because I'm never consistent. I start out strong but lose interest/motivation.
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started by Amazon815.   
Hi everyone i am new to this website anyone out their giving words of encouragement always think of me. :d
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started by misschiquita.   
I Need Support
I hope this works. I always have good intentions, but then fall off. I hope having a support group helps since I don't have time to attend meetings.
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started by kay1067, 9 years ago.   
Day 1 and ready to roll!
Hello all challenge participants! It's day one and I don't know about you, but I am ready to roll! Can't wait to see where we all go over the next several weeks, but looking forward to t ...
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started by ellesmom, 9 years ago.   
I'm new to the challenges and the site. The challenge's site seems to have a lot of forums and things going on. I'm a little lost.:(
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started by Bribit99.   
Time for Me
At least 3 times week use a gentle scrubb wash and really moisturise your whole body, working from toes up firmly, it is suppose to help increase weight loss by breaking down fatty pockets. :?: Wrap ...
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started by Carmel8sons, 9 years ago.   
WOW great response!
Thank you to all who have joined this challenge. We can work together to reach our goals. I am the first one who needs to make this commitment! Good luck to all
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started by Karrebeaar.