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not a huge water lover
I find if I drink water at room temperature, I can guzzle 8 oz quickly in one standing by the water cooler. However I do run to the bathroom a lot. I just prefer to get it over with. Unless I am really ...
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How large of a glass
I'm just wondering if we are talking about 8 8oz glasses of water or what should the total consumption amount be. I have saved a plastic Dunkin Donuts large iced coffee cup that equals 32oz so won ...
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water bottles
This is new for me but I have been carrying water bottles with me all week. I misplace them sometimes :( but I am consuming more water then before.
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started by Memom247, 7 years ago.   
Through a straw helps.
I have found in the past that drinking water through a large straw really helps. Now I use a Contiga 24 oz bottle. I keep several in the fridge, so the water is always cold or at least cool.
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Flavored Water
I will keep some flavored water at my desk; I cannot drink plain water :P. I keep those little packets of different flavors of Crystal Lite with me and use them to flavor my water.
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an app on android for this...
there's an app on android called Drinking Water that is designed to remind you to do exactly this - although the reminder sound does make me think of going for a whizz instead of going for a drink!
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The more I drink water, the more I crave it!! I'm a Southern girl and I loooooove my sweet tea...the sweeter the better. I'm limiting my sweet tea to 8 oz. per day but in the past few days I ...
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Cucumber water
Use a peeler to make strips of cucumber to put in your water. It tastes really refreshing, and the cucumber's good for you, with barely any calories.
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started by bumblebee_uk, 7 years ago.   
bottoms up!
I find that when I place a glass of water at my desk in sight, I tend to drink more water than if I had a closed bottle on the desk. I have also trained myself that once I've taken the last sip of ...
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started by wilri, 7 years ago.   
Water challenge
I enjoy drinking water, I just don't seem to do it enough i tend to drink 3 glasses of water if i'm lucky and always a soda for lunch, this will be a nice challenge to get me on the right path ...
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started by hfc.t3ch83, 7 years ago.   
I like water
I like water, but always feel the need to have something else during the day. I will usually do well until the middle of the day or at night with my family. Then I want to drink sweet tea or coke. I find ...
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started by Jess1124, 7 years ago.