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Great Idea!
I have lost 25kg (50lbs) from May this year till now, and i seriously need to loose another 25kg. It is possible to do it in 10weeks, but this will require sticking to your eating plan and getting a lot ...
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Setting myself up.
Ok, I recorded everything, and stayed within my RDI.. but I over simple carbed every single day. I know better then that. Nothing will come off that way. Exercise this week. and Hopefully focus on ...
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started by todayzlady, 6 years ago.   
Week 1 is almost over
I just wanted to say good luck to everyone and keep up all the hard work! If you made your goal, congrats. If not, keep trying and push hard.
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started by luckydays27, 6 years ago.   
My LIGHT & SWEET needs help!
OMG! It's ONLY 4 days in and I am even more turned off with charting everything I eat. Wasn't a big fan pre-challenge. HOWEVER, it's giving me a real EYE OPENER of my caloric intake (GO F ...
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50lbs ALOT
I thought maybe to be more realistic it should be about 30lbs for those of us over 250lbs but those that weigh less maybe 20lbs....I JUST HOPE nobody feel like a failure if they don't make it. Also ...
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GOOD Challeange!
The #50lbs is since a lot for me. That is the weight that i need to lose. I do have some illness. My Dr. told me I need to lose some weight. I'm ready for these challenge for a better health :|
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started by dilemadiet.   
Does anyone have a diet to help me achieve this goal?
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Mini Challenges
Where I feel that this challenge is lacking specific direction I am still going to try this 10 week challenge for myself. The reason I feel that it is lacking specific direction is bc there are no spe ...
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So far doing great!
I am not one to record what I consume durring the day but it is something that I know will be benificial to me and my over all health. This challenge has been a great way for me to start doing so and I ...
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started by Alexandrakreger, 6 years ago.   
weekend problem
i am in a good track ,all things going ok but when weekend comes i don't know what happens eat and eat and eat hope to come over this weekend to keep in good way
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We can do it.
Hey we can do it. We can start off 2013 now. We can loose the weight..I plan to loose the 5lbs a week. This is not a diet but a positive life style change,
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started by Ms Zeno, 6 years ago.   
week one
So far so good
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started by Brattiferd, 6 years ago.   
How are you doing it?
Are you all changing your eating habits AND working out? It's super hard for me to stick to a proper diet in the evening. What are your tips?
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Ready to go!
I'm going to be meeting my boyfriend's mother in a few months after she gets back from Korea. That is my motivation. I already have the fact that I'm not Korean counting against me, I don& ...
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started by Ashley357, 6 years ago.   
This challange will be tough.
I want to lose 5lbs this week and hopefully every week thereafter for the next 10. Thanks for the perfectly timed challenge.
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started by luckydays27, 6 years ago.