Mini-Challenge - Eat 40 or more grams of fiber per day and drink 8 glasses of water.



Avg diet is 10g of fiber/day. Eat higher fiber foods working up to 40g/day. Drink 1 16oz glass of water with each meal and one extra per day.

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Week by Week Results

Week 12 N/A
Week 11 N/A
Week 10 N/A
Week 9 N/A
Week 8 N/A
Week 7 N/A
Week 6 N/A
Week 5 66% Successful
Week 4 100% Successful
Week 3 N/A
Week 2 75% Successful
Week 1 66% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Failed: 16 Mar 11 by ghenne04
"Did the water part easily, but had trouble getting to 40g fiber (mainly, ..."
Successful: 23 Feb 11 by sdwright
"Im not doing as well on all the H20, however... I am up to 39g of fiber. ..."
Failed: 23 Feb 11 by jbrady
"I really tried eating all the fiber. But I did drink all my water."
Successful: 18 Feb 11 by sd6104
"Easier to do than I thought."