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A friend invited me to a Zumba class and I love it! The class is held 3 days a week and I hate when I have to miss a class. I have joined the gym now too. :d
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soooo ready for a New ME!
I too have health issues and 2 small boys that I need to be around for ...for many years to Any tips or words of encouragement will be greatly appreciated!..THX...PLEASE HELP!!!
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Hey to everyone who joined my challenge
How's everyone getting on?
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lets get it on!!!
Come on guys and gals we can all achieve this,it really is possible and keep telling yourself that and you will do it and MORE!!!! Looking forward to checking in on the weekly results...
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started by warren webber, 7 years ago.   
Lost a pound already since joining challenge :D
Don't think it counts tho (Besides, my ultimate goal is losing 96 more). Go skinny tummy I have not seen since I was probably 8!
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started by zatguy, 7 years ago.   
I'm Ready!!!!!!!!
Iam at my biggest and it is now affecting my health. This is the perfect challenge for me. So excited! Can not wait.
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started by sgirl72, 7 years ago.   
This is it!
I am so ready to do this. I have tried and tried before but this is it. I want to wear those smaller jeans and look good again. :)
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