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Down 10%
Just realized I've reduced my body weight by 10%!!! :):d
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started by lovinbug22, 8 years ago.   
OK, I wish the ppl on the blue & green the absolute best. I just hope that the RED does better! I mean this is a challenge right???? Come on red... we have to pull together & get our minds in ...
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started by pretty face, 8 years ago.   
Good luck
Hello Blue Team :)
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started by adambartnik.   
I'm new and have no idea how this works! Help!
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started by N1234, 8 years ago.   
Many Blessings
Count me in I am already doing what this challenge ask of me So why not join Good luck to everyone And Many Blessings:)
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started by Janice13, 8 years ago.   
I'm In
Count me in too. I want to be down another 15# by my birthday in March. Let's rock and roll!!!
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started by frmersdtr, 8 years ago.   
More mini-challenges
Hey everyone, glad to join this challenge and hopefully reach my goal weight with all you! Does anyone have anymore ideas for mini-challenges to keep us motivated along the way? For example, to lose 2.5 ...
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started by sophilla.   
Here We Go!!
I have lost 20 pounds since Jan 2nd and need to lose at least 30 more. I hope we can all help motivate each other.
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started by byebyeyoyo, 8 years ago.   
A New Start
30 pounds in 12 weeks would be an awesome start to my new routine. It would definitely give me motivation to keep going. Let's see what we can make of it!
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started by Dobeigh, 8 years ago.   
Ok - I'm in!
I have my annual sister's weekend planned in exactly 12 weeks...since the last time I saw my family, I have lost 20 lbs. At the end of this challenge, I will be down 50!
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started by hnjmom, 8 years ago.   
Raising the bar!
I am setting the bar high and joining ... I think I can do it!
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started by godzgirl, 8 years ago.   
First Ever Challenge!
This is my first challenge. I joined fatsecret about a week ago as my friend recommended the blackberry app and i havent looked back! I think i may be pushing it asking 30lbs in 3 months but if i can ...
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started by lindsayrutter, 8 years ago.   
I'm SO ready for this...It will be great to have everyone's support and insights!
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started by bobbilee, 8 years ago.   
Go Team Green! This is exactly what I needed to motivate myself, will look forward to seeing everyone's progress. Good luck to all! x
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started by corryvreckan, 8 years ago.   
Cross-team support
Hey guys, I've been thinking about this whole challenge thing and it's definitely got my competitive juices going and I'm sure it'll help me reach my goals. What I wanted to say, how ...
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started by Albannaich, 8 years ago.   

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