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Day 2 and I already feel it!
I can only do "girl" push ups, but managed to get 3 sets of 10 in yesterday and 3 sets of 50 crunches. Boy can I feel it in my arms already! Love it!
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started by Amy AAA.   
Here we go!
Started this challenge bright and early this morning at the gym. Fortunately, I've been working on my push ups and can do about 20 at a clip. I did 35 this morning, w/ rest between them and 15 sup ...
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started by jpmusic, 7 years ago.   
Enter this challenge for excercise
How do we enter our results into the Enter Exercise Area? How do we login 30 pushups and 100 crunches? =)
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started by Loki7171, 7 years ago.   
Great challenge!
I'm so happy that I found this challenge. I just recently tested for my red belt. My martial arts instructor told me a long time ago when I was a beginner that martial arts was a great way to lose ...
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started by rootbeer84, 7 years ago.   
I'm not a big fan of push-ups, but would love a challenge like this to amp up my November fitness. Anybody mind if I weight-lift as an exchange for push-ups? Then I can work on liking push-ups better ...
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started by reti856.   
The little Train that could!!
I think I can, Ithink I can, I think I can!!!!!
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started by wannabelittle, 7 years ago.   
:roll: I'm so glad i found this app. I've been trying to lose weight and it has been so hard for me. Having support from others really helps.
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started by Skinnygrl30.   
I am trying to prep myself by building up my push ups now...
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started by nayrairam.   
ab muscles here I come!
I am ready to lose my 'protective layer" and reveal my 6 pack!LOL My 2 sons ( 11 & 8 yrs old) are going to excersise with me.
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started by jennypoo1970, 7 years ago.   
3,000 crunches/750 pushups challenge
I am ready to take on this challenge. Bring it!
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started by Diva920.   
I'm ready
I'm trying to lose ten pounds for my friend's wedding next October. I need all the help I can get.
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started by Lakima, 7 years ago.   
Here we go!
I am ready!
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started by tumbleweed67us, 7 years ago.